How SEM Agencies Can Help E-commerce Businesses

Search engine marketing is an important sales driver for the ecommerce industry. But as an online business grows or faces new competitive challenges, it may need outside marketing expertise.

SEM is the management of paid placements. It’s easier to manage SEM at the nascent stage, but as the the business grows it can become complex and expensive.

What follows are reasons to consider an SEM agency.

Experience, Expertise

Companies like us can present efficient strategies to play in the same market at a reasonable acquisition cost. SEM agencies have an advantage of experience which gets them an edge, they can better enlighten you what’s working and what’s not, whether its the product or the marketing strategy.

SEM has grown beyond search engines, to include not only Google Ads and Bing Ads but also Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Amazon.

Each of these advertising platforms has its own toolset, quirks, and bidding practices. If an ecommerce marketer is responsible for everything from content marketing and on-site merchandising to email automation and advertising, it can be challenging to be an expert in every area. At some point, even the best ecommerce managers run out of their depth.

New Customers

Aacquiring new customers is essential for ecommerce companies, and SEM may play an important role.

Many SEM agencies are experts at driving traffic. Some SEM agencies may even guarantee a percentage increase in visits. Assuming an ecommerce site has a consistent and strong conversion rate, the additional traffic would lead to new customers.

Scalable ROAS

Return on advertising spend is a frequent key performance indicator for ecommerce. It’s the ratio of the amount invested in a particular advertising tactic to the revenue or profit that it produced.

Let’s consider you have a working $500 per week Google Ads spent which returns $5,000 in sales, thats a good stage to be in. Soon you bulk up your inventory and double down on the spent to get more sales.

Instead of getting $10,000 in sales, you just get $7000, you plan to again double down on the Ads spent to make up for the losses, ie, $2000, instead of the supposed $20,000 sales, you just get $9,000. It is not scaling.

SEM agencies overcome this problem often and across multiple industries. Scaling ROAS is something agencies like us are experienced in.


Attribution modeling provides a clear answer on what’s driving traffic and what’s driving sales.

The problem is that attribution modeling as it relates to SEM is often limited to a “single touch” or what some refer to as the “last click.” This limited view of a customer’s journey can lead some businesses to arrive at an incorrect conclusion about, for example, a campaign’s impact on sales. This, again, is a common problem for ecommerce businesses.

So, if your ecommerce business is having difficulty determining which marketing tactics are driving sales, an SEM agency should be able to help.

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